I just came out,  from the caracss of taste
In the trade of living & dead
Between the daylight,  I see the confession
Drinking my faintness smiles
Long time for aged,  out of million mies
Such as man called gypsy who roam for care
Polishing the gold,  that leads us to hell
From the boost that calling me to get out of here
I.... see.... the Chosed One
I.... walk through the bloody road
Crushing the wall,  beware of the hell
If you people believe in I'm your king.
Hollow we stand,  one step couldn't move wrong
Take me higher,  'cause we're not out of the law
I.... try to .... burn your soul
I.... deny.... the acts of God
I.... see.... the chosed one
We.... forbidded.... comin' that closed door﹒

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